PowerGreen Capital
  • Energy Savings Simplified For All

    PowerGreen Capital combines innovative C-PACE financing and
    new tax incentives to simplify saving money and increasing building value
    for all middle market building owners.

  • Affordable Clean Energy

    PowerGreen Capital will maximize the value of your energy efficiency and renewable energy tax credits, provide long term, fixed-rate financing for your project, and even cover your upfront costs.

How Commercial Building
Owners Can Save 
Energy and Money

How Non-Profits 
Can Now Save Energy 
and Money

Big news ‚Äč
Your retrofit project now pencils

On January 1, 2023, the world changed for middle market commercial building owners and non-profits in the Mid-Atlantic states. 

The Inflation Reduction Act introduced a range of powerful new tax incentives that make energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements suddenly affordable. 

On top of that, an innovative financing technique called C-PACE is now widely available, providing 100% financing for clean energy projects. 

Welcome to the new world, where
every building owner can afford a green building.

PowerGreen Capital will help you say goodbye to energy waste, and hello to increased building value, tenant retention and employee comfort. We offer:

  • 100% financing - over 20 years - of hard and soft costs for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects
  • Energy savings that will cover the finance costs
  • Soup to nuts guidance to drive project completion & maximize the value of the new federal tax incentives

Commercial Building Owners

There's never been a better time for middle-market building owners in the Mid-Atlantic to improve their buildings - with long-term, fixed-rate financing and no upfront costs.

Non-Profit Building Owners

Until now, non-profits could not access the tax incentives available to other owners. But that's all changed. PowerGreen will provide long-term financing - we'll even cover your upfront costs.

Time to plug in to clean savings

Let's start a conversation about how we can help you improve your building. Contact PowerGreen Capital today for a free consultation.

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