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Non-Profit Building Owners

Energy efficiency improvements and implementing renewables like solar do way more for your non-profit than just save money on power, heating and cooling costs. They help secure your mission by improving the productivity of your staff and the comfort and satisfaction of the people you serve, added returns that dwarf your energy savings. What's more, energy saving investments increase the value of your building.

Achieving these benefits is more affordable than ever due to C-PACE financing from PowerGreen Capital combined with new tax incentives now available to non-profits. To enhance the value of your building, contact PowerGreen Capital and we will guide you through the entire process. 

Strengthen your mission

Enhance the viability of your organization

Non-profit building owners can now earn tax benefits for energy projects under the Inflation Reduction Act, save energy costs, and improve their building environments in support of the good work they do in their communities.

Practice smart stewardship

Increase the value of
​your building

Energy efficient and LEED certified building owners report increases in value of about 10% after their transition investments.

Satisfy your employees or tenants

Improve your occupant retention and satisfaction

Multiple research studies have found that LEED certified and Energy Star buildings contribute to occupant comfort and loyalty versus buildings without those improvements.

Deliver more value

Enhance employee

The biggest gains from improving the environment in your building come from increases in worker (or volunteer) productivity that studies have found can result in benefits as much a $6,000 per employee per year, including fewer sick days.

Save your funds for your mission

Cover 30+% of typical construction costs

Because PowerGreen funding is long-term, low cost, and covers both soft and hard costs, it has quickly become non-profit building owners' preferred source of capital for building improvements, or low-income housing conversions and new building construction.

C-PACE financing from PowerGreen Capital enables you to enhance your building with no upfront costs. Learn how the PowerGreen process works here.

Contact PowerGreen Capital today to start saving.

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