PowerGreen Capital

Our Mission: Electrify Everything

The PowerGreen Capital mission is to improve the quality of the built environment and optimize building value by decarbonizing as many Mid-Atlantic buildings as possible - as soon as possible.

The path to achieve that goal is to use  C-PACE financing and the new IRA tax incentives to electrify everything.

We have been here before. 100 years ago, the U.S. government was aggressively creating incentives to encourage the adoption of electricity.

This 1921 cartogram shows the U.S. map based on the relative amount of electricity sold. The Mid-Atlantic states dominated the rest of the country in early adoption of electricity.

Time to do it again. 

Our mission is to aggressively grow C-PACE throughout the region until the C-PACE adoption map of the U.S. looks just like this one.