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PowerGreen Capital

Solar contractors' customers have a new source of funding

PowerGreen Capital partners with solar contractors throughout the Mid-Atlantic to assist them in delivering C-PACE funding to their customers. 

Many of you already offer financing specifically designed for solar installations. However, in some cases, customers prefer a financing solution outside of what is commonly offered. Most often that is due to their desire to:

  • retain ownership of the installation to realize substantial tax benefits and value from local rebates, and
  • sell their building - without having to worry about having to absorb the often high termination costs of their existing solar financing

Neither of those are an issue with C-PACE, which also provides most of the same benefits customers realize through solar financing, such as:

  • 100% funding for up to 30 years, thus creating...
  • self funding financing - offsets to the energy bill will more than cover C-PACE payments. 

C-PACE is low maintenance

C-PACE frees up internal resources

C-PACE reduces the burden on your internal resources as there is no need to:

  • raise capital from investors
  • provide ongoing servicing, and
  • enter into a financing agreement with your customers.

C-PACE works

C-PACE was designed to fund clean energy projects

C-PACE has been used to fund over 4,000 projects aggregating over $5 billion.

Funding the total installation costs of solar panels and storage are perfect examples of the types of projects funded by the C-PACE program.

Self-funding, long term financing

Your customer's energy savings will cover the C-PACE costs

If your customer wants to retain tax benefits, they can opt for traditional sources of financing such as equipment leases and bank loans. 

However, they are short term resulting in negative cash flow for your customer. C-PACE is the solution.

Huge opportunity with non-profits

Non-profits can now receive tax incentives

Due to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), nonprofits can now receive an equivalent of the tax benefits long enjoyed by taxable entities.

When combined with C-PACE funding, the opportunity with non-profits is compelling. Plus, C-PACE is available for installations as small as 100 kW.

PowerGreen equips your sales team with training and sales tools including printable sales collateral and a C-PACE Proposal Generator to ease the process of introducing C-PACE to your customers. 


PowerGreen provides in-person or webinar-based training for your staff to develop the understanding of how C-PACE can benefit your customers.

C-PACE Collateral for your staff and your customers

Let us help you tell the C-PACE story to your customers with these downloadable PDFs:

  1. What is C-PACE?
  2. Benefits of C-PACE Financing
  3. How C-PACE is Self-Funding for Solar Installations
  4. How Non-Profits Benefit From C-PACE
  5. A Winning Combination for Energy Savings for Non-Profits
  6. Tax Benefits of the IRA for Non-Profits
  7. Eligible C-PACE Improvements
  8. Six Steps to Close a C-PACE Deal

C-PACE Proposal Generator for Solar Contractors

We make it easy for you to create a quick preliminary C-PACE proposal customized for your project and customer. It includes an indicative annual payment along with two handouts introducing C-PACE.  

If your customer is located in Pennsylvania, click to button below to get a C-PACE Proposal in 3 minutes. 

If your customer is located in another state,  click to button below to get a C-PACE Proposal in 3 minutes.

 Here's the C-PACE Proposal Generator input page, easy to complete:  Here's Page 1 of the C-PACE Proposal to send to your customer:

PowerGreen looks forward to helping you expand your value to both current and new customers. Contact us at, call 484 673-1898, or simply fill out the form below. 

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