PowerGreen Capital

Building engineering companies' customers have a 

new source of project funding

PowerGreen Capital partners with building engineering companies to help building owners and developers plan and fund projects -- that you deliver -- to bring them the energy efficiency and operating cost savings they need.


C-PACE was specifically created to motivate your customers to pursue comprehensive energy efficiency projects. For building owners, that's because they finally can afford to replace their dated chillers and ventilation systems. For developers, they have new incentives to design and build with more advanced, energy efficient components.

Retrofit projects

C-PACE funding is more affordable

Access to capital to pay for both unexpected HVAC replacements and planned efficiency improvements is a growing problem for many commercial building and non-profit building owners.

PowerGreen Capital C-PACE funding pays for the efficiency projects and service contracts you scope and deliver with long-term, customer-friendly, 100% financing. 

Customer-friendly terms

Clear advantages for building owners

C-PACE covers 100% of soft and hard costs of a project. Building owners and developers have no upfront payments.

C-PACE can include five years of service agreements. Owners get peace of mind, contractors get loyalty.

C-PACE projects cut operating costs

Savings exceed the funding costs

C-PACE projects self fund because the customer’s reduction in operating costs exceeds the C-PACE payments.

For example, 10 Duff Road in the Pittsburg area used $950k in C-PACE funds for comprehensive efficiency upgrades with resulting major heating and cooling cost savings plus another 44% on lighting and 27% on water costs.

A gamechanger for non-profits

Non-profits can now afford clean energy upgrades

Non-profits need to preserve their capital for their mission, and C-PACE helps them do just that

The combination of affordable C-PACE payments spread over 25-30 years and new tax credits in the form of direct checks means non-profits can now pay for solar projects they have long delayed.

PowerGreen supports your business

We will help you introduce C-PACE to your customers

C-PACE is gaining momentum in Pennsylvania with over $200 million in completed projects in Philadelphia alone in 2023.

PowerGreen provides its partners the tools and training to introduce C-PACE to customers who need a way to fund their efficiency projects.

Contact us to learn more.

PowerGreen equips your sales team with training and sales tools including printable sales collateral and a C-PACE Proposal Generator to ease the process of introducing C-PACE to your customers. 


PowerGreen provides in-person or webinar-based training for your staff to develop the understanding of how C-PACE can benefit your customers.

C-PACE Collateral for your staff and your customers

Let us help you tell the C-PACE story to your customers with these downloadable PDFs:

  1. What is C-PACE?
  2. Benefits of C-PACE Financing
  3. How C-PACE is Self-Funding
  4. How Non-Profits Benefit From C-PACE
  5. A Winning Combination for Energy Savings for Non-Profits
  6. Tax Benefits of the IRA for Non-Profits
  7. Eligible C-PACE Improvements
  8. Six Steps to Close a C-PACE Deal

We look forward to helping you close more projects by introducing C-PACE as an option to solve your customers' funding needs. Contact us at info@powergreencapital.com, call (484) 673-1898, or simply fill out the form below. 

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