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C-PACE Resources

The essentials about C-PACE all in one place

C-PACE financing from PowerGreen Capital is a fast-growing technique for 100% financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for building owners and non-profits in the Mid-Atlantic states. Here we have assembled the essential information to help you decide if C-PACE is the right solution for your building.

What is C-PACE and how does it work?

Learn about the mechanics and benefits of C-PACE financing here.

What types of projects are eligible for C-PACE financing?

A wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects can be 100% financed with C-PACE. Learn more here

What C-PACE programs are available in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey?

C-PACE has arrived in the Mid-Atlantic states. Learn more about each state's C-PACE program:

New Jersey 

Case studies of building owners just like you

C-PACE has to date helped over 3,000 building owners finance over $4 billion in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Learn more about C-PACE financings in your business sector here.

Articles and whitepapers about C-PACE

The rapid growth of C-PACE as the go-to financing technique for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements has attracted a lot of attention and analysis. We have compiled a helpful repository of C-PACE in the news here